Excellent choice for adding extra torque in the anterior segment. Archwires add 20°additional torque In the anterior while maintaining non-torque In the posteriori regions. The lower torqued archwires allow the lower anteriors to be negatively torqued to help compensate for the rebound factor after removal of the archwire. Nickel- titanium material provides lower forces in comparison to stainless steel alternatives. They provide shape memory and resiliency. Archwires should be placed in the upper arch with the I.D. mark facing gingival, and In the lower arch with the I.D. mark facing occlusally.

Archwires available in Natural shape, 5 pieces per pack, rectangular: .016x .022, .017x.025 and .019x.025, 3 lengths: 28mm, 34mm, 38 mm.